About Krishna College of Education

Education is the knowledge of putting ones potentials to maximum use one can safely say that a human being is not in the proper sense till he is educated. This importance of education is basically needed to everyone.... more


To be internationally recognized as a leading Bachelor of Education institution in a rural environment providing exceptional young men and woman with a contemporary and comprehensive bachelor of education focused on arts and science education. There by preparing them for prominent careers or other fields of endeavour.


To increase knowledge and empower the younger generation providing a rigorous education in the principles of the foundational developing skills that will enable graduates to become leader in and make significant contributions to their chosen profession.

  • Library Facilities

    The hi-tech library offers wide range of books with various titles for reference, daily newspapers and magazines. The reading room has ample space to accommodate large.

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  • Contact Us

    Krishna College of Education
    114/2 Meyyur Village & Post
    Pin - 606 753

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  • Lab Facilities

    For our students, World class and high technology laboratories are available for Computer Science, Physics, Biology and Chemistry departments

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  • Physical Education

    A sound mind in a sound body" Physical education is the education of body and mind. Plato said, Body and Mind should be driven alike, like a pair of Horses hitched to a shaft.

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